Children’s Parties

Childrens Bouldering Birthday PartiesWe offer children’s bouldering parties from age 5 on Saturdays and Sundays at the following times:




We also have a viewing area which overlooks the climbing wall with sofas and a coffee table for you to use whilst the children climb.  We can reserve this area for the party for 45 minutes following the session if you’d like to bring in food and drink.

Please note that parents will only be able to watch the party from the viewing balcony and will not be allowed in the climbing area with the children and other members.

The prices below include instructor tuition for an hour as well as the hire of helmets for all children.

Up to 6 children: £100
Up to 12 children: £180
Up to 16 children: £260

Please note that we take full payment on booking in order to reserve the place. We also charge a £10 cancellation fee, although we will do our best to move the date or time of a booking should this be required. We regret that we will not be able to cancel any bookings within two full weeks of the date of the booking as we rarely receive bookings at such short notice.

On making the booking, we will email over party invitations, as well as our Conditions of Use and Parental Consent form. Please note that we will require a signed consent form for each child taking part. Any child without a consent form will not be able to participate.

You can find a link below to our Parental Consent form.

For availability and bookings please call 0207 751 0913

Here is our Parental Consent form.